Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A new Prime Minister?

This Friday brother Graham and I fly off to Sydney town for three days before boarding the Pacific Pearl for an 8 day cruise to and around New Caledonia.  We have a deluxe suite with a large(ish) balcony, but the temperatures are probably not going to be great for sitting out drinking a beer.  Bro has packed a large case which may be over the QANTAS weight limit.   That can cost big.

Lots of news today.  Kevin Rudd our ex Prime Minister is having another shot at taking back the reins from Prime Minister Julia Gillard.  The ballot takes place in just 18 minutes.  Both contenders have vowed to leave politics if he/she loses.

Another surprising story emerged today about a couple who lost an expensive diamond studded bracelet. It was found by an Anglican priest who was previously a lawyer.  He turned it in to the police as lost property and after six weeks when it was not claimed he became the owner of it.   

He somehow traced the real owners and suggested that as it was insured for $6,000, they should claim the money from the insurance company and give him half to get the bracelet back and both parties would win.  He would get $3,000 and they would get back the bracelet and another $3,000.     The story hit the papers and he was quizzed on radio.  He claimed he had done nothing morally wrong and that it was a gift from God.   He is now in the Poo with the Archbishop of Perth who is very embarrassed by his mean, almost fraudulent act.

Just another 4 minutes before the labour parliamentarians gather to vote on a leader change.

Breaking News:

Kevin Rudd won....he is Australia's new Prime Minister and has made the predictable speech praising his adversary.

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Bernie said...

I think what the priest did was morally wrong....
I like that Kevin won....
Wishing you and your brother a wonderful cruise, stay warm and dry! xo