Saturday, June 1, 2013


Our son Martin had a colonoscopy of Friday and the preceding two days were a bit tetchy with a very restricted diet and total abstinence from solids on the last day.  The 400 gallons of Pico-prep he had to drink to throughly clean out his bowel didn’t make him any happier.  At least it seemed like 400 gallons.
He came out of it very hungry and with a recommendation from the discharge nurse that he start a more fibre fuelled diet.  His GP will interpret the report when he sees him next week.
Apart from that, Martin has been pretty lucky over the last week.   He received a package from The Readers Digest with the good news that he was just a fly’s penis away from a $500.000 prize....or as I see it, or a Mercedes car, or $9,373, or $25,000, or $50,000 and travel to Sydney for the presentation ceremony.  Why wouldn’t he buy a subscription to The Readers Digest when he is so close to winning?    Click photos to enlarge.

I noticed that an antibiotic I am taking for a throat problem has Braille writing on the box.   Nice touch for the blind folk out there.

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