Wednesday, June 19, 2013


I get good working Macs and unserviceable Macs from a variety of sources.  Businesses often purchase new when a machine is out of warranty and sick or dead and I am mostly able to repair them and pass them on to needy people.  

Recently I received three iMacs from a newspaper.  None of them worked no matter what magic I tried on them, so I went to the iFixit web page and downloaded detailed illustrated instructions on how to get inside this model.  The instructions rated the fix as difficult, but I gave it a go and replaced the hard drive on the first one and it is up and running, fully loaded and ready to give away.    As with most fixes, once one has done it once, the second time is easy.

iFixit is quite a wonderful site where an attempt is being made to save electronics etc from going to landfill.  They have instructions on how to fix just about anything.    iFixit can be found here.  Just remember to disconnect power cables before getting inside something and know that capacitors can store high voltage electricity for some time after disconnecting from a power source. Zappo!

                                                One of my Tech assistants

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