Saturday, June 22, 2013

Palmer Politics

The Australian Federal Election is just around the corner and a new player in Australian politics, Clive Palmer, has been rounding up candidates for his Palmer United Party.  He recently endorsed two women to contest seats in Western Australia; one in the seat of Fremantle is Teresa Van Lieshout, who, like Mr Palmer has a few crazy ideas.  In yesterday’s West Australian newspaper it was reported that she claims that the GFC is an antiChrist strategy and hurricane Sandy was sent by God to warn against globalisation.  She also warns that an ‘AntiChrist man who will come out of the European Union, probably the Soviet Union (North of Israel).   Work that one out for me please.

Another of her claims is the the US Government used explosives to demolish the Twin Towers and it murdered 3,000 of its own citizens.

Clive Palmer is a multi billionaire who believes the the Greens in Australia are financed by the CIA to destroy Australia’s coal industry to advantage the U.S..  He is also going to built a replica Titanic. 

He makes both the Labor and Liberals look positively smart, nice, folk.


Anonymous said...

Kev, For once I'm speechless. Bring on the elections and get it over and done with.Marg

teresavanlieshout said...

Perhaps you could do more research and meet and talk with me before making judgements. I wrote a book about September 11th, and I'm an experienced teacher.

alex christianopoulos said...

i am alex christianopoulos and teressa van lieshout is acting and advocating for me in a huge corruption story involving police bentley hospital and some politicisans .I was institutionalised by the police at the times i was making the allegations against them .teressa does great work and fights for your rights on what is obvious and blatent govt corruption get labour and liberal to do that and look into my story human torture video 1 and 2 there is a story that should be written teressa does great work you should look into that sort of stuff when judging her

Bernie said...

Hey Kev you have brought out the We have them over here as well. Check out Alex Jones @info wars. He is unbelievable. Take care my friend, hi Marg, xo

Bernie said...
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Greg L said...


I think Clive comes across as fatally conceited in his many delusions, and almost certainly has little grasp of the demands of high public office.

I've heard that both his resort in Coolum and the nickel refinery in Townsville are hemorrhaging money,
and he's apparently confident he'll pick up the prime ministership just for the asking.

I for one certainly wouldn't buy a used car from him.

Kev said...

Teresa has since been dumped by the Palmer United Party. She claims it is because she wouldn't toe the party line. I guess if you join a party, you should toe the line?

She is on Youtube with a rambling rant, claiming she is one of the brightest people in Australia and only she can solve Australia's education problems.

See here...