Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Expensive rents in W.A.

Accommodation rentals are very expensive in Western Australia.  Our son Martin had decided to move out of my home and be by himself in a one bedroom unit.  There were two relatively inexpensive places near his place of work to look at.   The first one was a run-down second story unit at $285 per week with lots of  work to be done and not much chance that the owner was going to do any repairs.

The second one we looked at was a one-room ‘very Fremantle’ backyard bed sit which amazingly had a free standing outdoor shower and toilet.  No roof or walls around either the shower or toilet which would make for a very cold shower or toilet visit; not to mention the very public display of flesh in the backyard.   The owner called it ‘very Fremantle’ because Freo is a bit tree-huggy greenish.   That room was $230. per week plus another $30 per week for utilities.  It would be very difficult to use $30 worth of gas and power per week.  I am pretty sure that planning permission for an outdoor toilet and shower was not sought by the owner.    And so, Martin remains living with me.

Backyard accommodation is usually termed a Granny Flat and under most council by laws, can only be occupied by family of the owner.  The Fremantle City Council has just legislated to allow Granny Flats to be rented to non family people.   This is in response to lack of rental properties available in the Fremantle council area.

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