Friday, June 14, 2013


Yesterday we had a gathering of ‘the usual suspects’; friends who get together almost weekly for tea and conversation.   It was my turn to host it and the weather was warm enough to be seated outside until around 5pm when it started to get cold.  Good company and I guess we will continue these get-togethers for as long as possible or until we get bored with each other.  I don’t want to think about the other reason.

Over my back fence there is a creeper constructing a self-supporting triangulation in an effort to reach my rear wall and then further on under my roof tiles.  I trim it back regularly.  I am amazed at the engineering which takes place...very much like bridge construction.  What force enables a plant to modify its growth to suit certain circumstances?

The creeper and some man made examples.

We. here in Western Australia have our own radio Shock-Jock; Howard Sattler.  I don’t hear much about him as I don’t listen to commercial radio, but yesterday during an interview with Prime Minster Julia Gillard, Howard, in his desperate attempt to be outrageous, asked if her partner was gay.  She handled it quite well.  Today he has been ‘suspended’ and the station has apologised, but as in a court case where the jury has been instructed to ignore some piece of evidence or heresay, the seed has been planted.

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