Thursday, June 6, 2013

Wireless car reversing camera

I have a rather frustrating few days installing and setting up a wireless reversing camera in my car.   I followed the instructions carefully and the screen lit up when I tested it in reverse gear.  As I started to reverse, the screen broke down with horizontal blocks obscuring the view.  Damn!    I had purchased the thing at an electronics store some distance from my home and drove to the store where the store manager observed the problem first hand.  He determined that the screen was faulty and I attached the new screen at the store....still no good.   Next he swapped the wireless sender...same story and lastly gave me a new camera which still didn’t fix the problem.

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I have contacted the local agent of the importer of the device asking for help.  I am unsure what can be done as the entire system has been exchanged and I have retested all the connections. 

This morning I drove to collect my son-in-law from a car service centre and told him about the problem and whilst we were driving home to his house the screen suddenly lit up showing a fuzzy, but recognisable, morning TV programme.   I know, it sounds like that 1950-60s story about a fellow who had radio reception through a new amalgam tooth filling.
                                                     Works for me!


Bernie said...

Hi Kev, going to try and comment again today - sometimes they go through and sometimes NOT!
Love the reversible camera, really helps me a.lot.
Hope all went well with Martin's test.
Be well my friend, big hugs always.

makayla liston said...

I actually want this Car DVD Player to locate inside my car for additional entertainment. I hope my idea should work. Wanna read your next blog to boost my interest about this stuff.

Hannah Reay said...

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