Friday, June 7, 2013

More reversing camera discoveries

More reversing camera findings.   

I figured that the TV images appearing on my reversing camera screen were from one particular house I drove past.  Probably with a satellite dish??   Another place I was driving past showed me a parked car which was ahead of me.  Son-in-law James pointed out a security camera on the garage door in front of the car which popped up on my screen. It is obviously a wireless connection from the camera to a monitor/recorder inside the house and my wireless reversing camera picked it up.

I  have still not heard from the local supplier with help solving the poor reception problem.

I own a unit in a block of units in a southern suburb named Orelia.  It is not the Dalkeith (rich folks suburb) of the south and the residents don’t worry too much about keeping things neat.  On rubbish collection days all manner of junk is tossed out the front next to the bins....mattresses etc.  The truck cannot collect stuff on the ground as it has one driver and a hydraulic fork pickup to lift the bins and tip the contents into the truck, so the rest of the junk is left on the roadside outside the units.  Another intelligence test is the placement of the bins.  Many of them are so close together that when attempting to pick up one bin the next one is knocked over.  The driver must get very frustrated at having to climb down, stand the bin up and collected the spilled smellies.  I believe he has stopped collecting those bins which are going to cause him trouble...I would.

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Anonymous said...

Kev, There isn't much room for those bins, Must be avery small frontage and they can't place one bin behind another, but I can see what a nightmare it must be for the rubbish collectors,, Too many bins and not enough land for them, Marg

danreeve said...

I really like Reverse Camera because you can take pictures without any hassle of putting the camera into the angle that you like.