Monday, June 17, 2013

To Test or Not Test

In this morning’s newspaper, The West Australian, there is an article about a retired TV weatherman who has been diagnosed with prostate cancer.  The article goes on to say that he will be an inspiration to other men to have regular PSA tests to detect the cancer before it jumps out of the prostate and gets into other organs and or bones.

A prominent medical man who is regularly on radio and TV is Dr Norman Swan and he has suggested that it is not a good thing to have PSA tests.  A Federal Minister in the government is a strong advocate for testing, as I am.   In a routine PSA test some 14 years ago I had elevated PSA levels and the subsequent biopsy showed cancer.  I took the gold standard and had a radical prostatectomy.  Gone!  I have no doubt that if I had not done the PSA test I would not be here now.
Here is a link to YouTube which airs both sides of the argument.

There is the fact that many elderly men die with it, rather than of it.  At my age when I was diagnosed I didn’t think that watching and waiting was the direction I should have taken.

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