Sunday, August 18, 2013

A pleasant funeral

AB’s funeral went well with a large group of family, friends and three ex-pupils.
An ex-student of mine attended and it was great to catch up with him.  He is a relative of Bronwen and I did know that at the time I taught him.  Bronnie, or AB as she liked to be called, never married and spent most of her life teaching, travelling and mentoring friends and rellies.

Later in the day I helped a friend by doing a bit of lifesaving on his PC.  I am not into the Windows operating system, but downloaded a piece of ‘tuneup’ software to run on it and that seems to have worked.  His computer was being quite irrational and I didn't have much hope that this download was going to be a fix.            A trial version of AVG Tuneup is useable for just 24 hours.

My nearest shopping centre is in a nearby suburb which elicits quite a bit of scorn from non residents.  Yesterday I dropped into a small supermarket there to buy some supplies.  When I got home I realised I had lost my iPhone, having left it in the shopping basket.  I dashed back to the store and asked, with no real hope, if a phone had been handed in. had.  A much relieved Kev tried to find out if the store manager got a name so that I could thank him/her, but he wasn’t available.  I will follow it up today.

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Anonymous said...

Kev, When you think about your wallet and other things which you have left in shops and always had them returned to you, you must realize that most of the population are honest.I'm glad that you got your phone back. You should carry a man bag...Marg