Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Diary of a Young Girl

I have been re-reading the diary of Anne Frank.  It is a remarkable, well written story, told by a young girl about two families living in hiding in Holland in a secret hideout over a period of  two years until they were betrayed and transported.  Anne’s father was the only survivor from the camps of the eight people in hiding.   

 Her diary is a personal account of those two years in hiding, her personal thoughts and the inevitable difficulties of living in close contact with others. It was written as letters to her alter ego, Kitty.     Her diary ends abruptly with no indication that the hideout had been compromised.  Several investigations were held to address suspicions about who actually informed the Sickerheitsdienst (SD), but no single person was charged.  The diary having been published by this time, was probably the catalyst for investigations.  

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