Friday, August 2, 2013

Ruby the observer

Daughter Helen invited me over (we live about 750 metres apart) for a drink and dinner last night.  He husband James is on a mine site at Boddington about 127 kilometres from Fremantle.  Helen and I are driving to the mine site on Saturday to deliver James his contact lenses.  James’ employer will not allow him to wear spectacles under safety glasses.

One of their two dogs, Ruby, likes to sit on a chair and watch the fish in their fish tank.  Ruby also drinks from an outside fish pond and the fish gather round her lapping.  Somehow they know that she is not going to snap at them.

                                                          click to enlarge

Meantime, in the fish tank, there is a bit of a pecking order being sorted out.  A lovely new yellow addition to the menagerie is constantly being hassled by the largest fish in the tank, so much so that when the lights are turned off, all the other fish except the new one, dash into the crevices in the rocks to hide.  It will be interesting to see if that situation changes.   Much like humanity eh?

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