Saturday, August 31, 2013

Who do I vote for?

I am getting fed up with election politics with its Pork Barreling promises and half truths.   What to do?  I thought of giving my vote to the Greens, but they can only be, at best, a minor player in any government formed.  Their manifesto looks good...see it here.

The Greens can be a party to...’Keep the Bastards Honest’ which is a quote from The Democrats’ leader Don Chip.  Don has left us and The Democrats could well be considered a spent force.

In my electorate, Fremantle, the incumbent Labor Party candidate is certain to retain her seat.  Labor has held the seat without interruption since 1934, however the city of Fremantle has gone green and The Greens may pick up a few more votes this election.  

The Freo mayor has been very green, declaring Fremantle nuclear free and banning plastic shopping bags.

A tongue-in-cheek look at The Greens.....

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Anonymous said...

Kev, I'm sick of Rudd kissing babies, looking as id he is high on some drug. Abbot clutching the hands of his daughters, dressing up as a fireman or cook., making sexual remarks to young women to prove he is not a sexist, I will vote for anyone who will speak like a sane person. Not throwing away lots of cash, just promising to help the homeless and jobless people of this country, by building homes hospitals schools and the basics.Someone with common sense not playing for the media, Marg