Thursday, August 15, 2013

Election Ho Hum

The run-up to the Australian Federal Election continues.  Candidates have been caught out showing poor knowledge of their party’s policies, making confused statements about topics such as refugees etc.  There should be a good selling DVD of the complete collection of faux pas statements made.  On second thoughts make one for each of the three main Parties’ muck-ups to ensure sales.

I guesstimate that about 80% of voters will vote how they always have, no matter what good policies opposition candidates espouse.  Followers of football clubs don’t suddenly change sides because of some scandal.    I am part of the rest of the population who actually considers the merits of announced policies and how they can be costed and votes accordingly...I hope.  At least I am willing to listen to all sides of the argument. We are what changes government at the ballot box and lots of people consider that a bit of flimflam.

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