Monday, August 12, 2013

RIP Bronnie

I have a funeral to attend this week.  It will not be a sad affair.  Bronwyn died yesterday at the grand old age of 104.    My friend Jack and I were taught by ‘Bronnie’ in grade six in the late 1940s.  She was an inspirational teacher, well liked by students and families.

Of recent years she was a resident in a nice residential nursing home where we visited her a couple of times.   On the occasion of her 100th birthday she remembered both of us, our siblings and parents. A later visit at around 102 years of age saw her struggling to remember us except that she knew that she had taught us.

I would think that it is pretty rare that a couple of 73 year olds would be attending their primary school teacher’s funeral who died at the age of 104.

 Bye Bronnie!

              Kev, Bronnie and Jack just 4 years ago on her 100th birthday

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Anonymous said...

I remember Miss Owen from when I was in Bubs at Bicton in about 1951. Paul Weaver. :)