Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Dr Rudi in Bali

Yesterday I had an eye examination prior to getting a new pair of specs.  The initial examination was retinal digital photos of my eyes to look at blood vessels, retina and optic nerve.   The woman operating the camera setup introduced herself as Faye.... I, with one of my lame jokes, asked if it was fait accompli. She replied, ‘no, it is Faye Jones’.  Confusion reigned and I had to get back in my box and shut up.  

Today I had a dentist appointment for a teeth descale and two small fillings.  I was in the chair for about 30 minutes and the bill came to $427. My health benefit fund  helped by subsidising the total with $256 and I ended up paying $170.

Whilst I was flat out on the dental lounge I noticed that I had my legs crossed and my arms folded.  I asked the young dentist if that was common.  It is common.  I recalled doing that every time I have been in dentists' rooms.  

Next time (if there is a next time) I will wait until I visit Bali again and have Dr Rudi do anything at around 20% of what Australian dentists charge.   It would have to be some major work to make the trip worthwhile.

At the moment there are airfare/accommodation deals for 5 days in Bali ex-Perth for around $600.   Might see if I can find someone to travel with and just jump on a plane.

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