Thursday, December 6, 2007

Busy day

Today we have been signing up for a loan of $90.000 which, with some other cash we have, is to purchase the unit to house our son. We decided to go with an interest-only loan over three years and will sell off some shares to clear most of it pretty soon.

Waiting to see the loans officer at Police and Nurses Credit we decided to have a sandwich in a downstairs cafe. Next door to this cafe is a school teaching English to foreigners. There were several girls in their teens sitting next to us and it was strange to hear them talking in English as a common language. I guessed that there was a Swedish girl, a Spanish girl and maybe a German girl. The conversation was interesting as they were talking about the schoolies on the Gold Coast and although they didn't seem prudish they were astonished at the drunkenness and activities they had witnessed. It was obvious that schoolies week(s) were not part of their graduation from high school. It made me think about that and how we just accept that kids are going to get smashed and vandalise accommodation and buildings etc. Foolishly tolerant!

I have had a parking meter in my shed for some time. It wasn't stolen from the street; I bought it at a council sale. A couple of days ago I decided to put it in the garden to give an hour to a few people who are likely to outstay their welcome.

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