Sunday, December 30, 2007

Household furniture

At last all the funds needed to purchase the housing unit for our son have appeared in our Bank Account. All we are waiting for now is news that the tenant occupying the place has found alternative accommodation and is about to move out so that settlement can take place. From the time of loan approval, the tenant has 35 days to move and in this case he was hoping that we were buying the unit as an investment and that he would be staying in place. He will either start looking for a place immediately or sit out the 35 days.

We have been using the Quokka, a free to advertise paper, to buy good furniture for the unit. So far we have purchased a nice small dining suite and a lounge suite at a total of $100. The lounge suite is a two piece job; one being a sofa bed which is very heavy. The unit is on the second floor and that plus the size of both lounges will present some difficulty when we shift Martin in.

W.A. is experiencing seemingly increasing violence with bashings being the order of the day. In the last year there have been a number of ‘king hits’ at nightclub venues with several deaths. In today’s paper an article outlines changes to laws about murder. It seems that someone who kills another person with a punch could serve up to 20 years if they are found guilty of ‘intent to cause grievous bodily harm’. I would think that a decent punch would fit nicely into that category. Previously they were charged with manslaughter and if found not guilty were released.

We went to Melville Markets today and bought some herbs to replace those cooked by the Xmas heatwave. I also bought a cordless phone for my workshop for $10. Pity it doesn’t work.
The heatwave has killed off large areas of suburban lawns. We are fortunate that our lawn is couch and will regenerate in those brown spots.

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