Saturday, December 15, 2007

Museum or Historical Society?

Up until yesterday I had a nice collection of my deceased uncle's medals and badges of rank from his long career as a police officer in Western Australia. When he was dying he told me that it should all go to the Police Museum. I contacted the Police Department and was directed to a man who was collecting stuff for a proposed museum. I said he could have it all, but he has not been back to me in over a year.

On Sunday night last, on one of the commercial radio stations, there was an ex-police officer talking about a major bombing incident in the Goldfields in 1942. He is Vice President of the Police Historical Society and they have a small museum with quite a few exhibits and lots of information about the force and its members from colonial days to the present.

He mentioned my uncle as the source of most of the available information about the bombings. Graham Lee, my uncle, was a constable in Kalgoorlie/Boulder at the time. I decided to contact him to see if his society was the same as the one I had offered the collection to before. As it turns out they are rivals...not bitter rivals; sort of, in competition. When I rang him, he drove to our place and I was impressed enough to give him all the stuff. I did keep some very interesting documents relating to police procedures in wartime.

The Vice President of the society, Peter Skehan retired from the 'force' as Deputy Commissioner, the number two job. He should be able to help me if the cops come around and want the stuff I promised them.

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