Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Day

Joan and I exchanged presents in the morning before going north of the river to Hillary's. That was a bit embarrassing as I gave her my usual thoughtful present: a book voucher and she gave me a DVD recorder. Work out which present is mine.

Bit of a trek up the freeway and I was mindful of the Booze Bus traps that could nab me on the way home. I packed my new Breathalizer and it was worthwhile as I was close to the lower limit when we left to go home.

It was a pleasant day with plenty of food and as much drink as one wanted. Mike was sometimes quite animated and other times frozen. Parkinsons doesn't take time off for Christmas!

Mike was 'Father Christmas' adorned with a singing mechanical elf's hat. He didn't like that too much, but managed the job with a few mumbles.

As we were unwrapping presents he noted that he got more than anyone else because 'I'm dying this year'. Earlier we were in his garage workshop and I commented on a new shifting spanner on the wall rack. He tried to give it to me as he thought he wasn't going to need it anymore. His big operation is set for February/March and we all hope he doesn't give in before then.

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