Monday, December 24, 2007

Figs,Bunnies,fires and Christmas

This morning we decided to walk near Bibra Lake where there is a large fig tree. There were plenty of plump, soft figs to be had. They felt OK, but when opened they were dry inside. I'm guessing that the tree needs more sun. We did see a couple of healthy looking hopping rabbit stews as well. If a fox doesn't get them there will be hundreds in the lake area in no time.

We noticed a huge fire over our back fence. It looked like it was about a kilometer away so we decided to go and rubberneck. Turned out to be about 12 kilometres away and the mean old policeman wouldn't let us get too close. There were a number of fire units there and two helicopters dropping water. I always think that it looks like pissing into a bushfire when planes drop a few buckets worth of water onto a big blaze.
Pics: Maccas wasn't really ablaze. The fire in the pic was at least another 8 kilometers away.
Christmas is no longer the buzz it was for me. When my parents were alive and our kids were young, I liked the present openings and the gathering. Tomorrow we are off to Joan's sister's place and it will be a relatively small show with lots of food. Our son has opted out as he has done for the last 6 years. Helen will be joining us as will Dorothy and Mike's daughter Katherine who is here from San Francisco.

I have never been to, or heard of, a Christmas gathering where Christ was mentioned unless someone had trouble opening a bottle of bubbly. The Archbishop of Canterbury has set the cat amongst the pigeons by pointing out that the Three Wise Men almost certainly didn't exist and there almost certainly was no snow falling at Bethlehem and that Jesus was probably not born in December.
The Anglican Archbishop of Perth said the people had 'lost the plot' if they took Christmas stories at face value. I have heard similar before where believers say that the Old Testament is just a book of stories. I always thought it was!

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