Sunday, December 9, 2007

Jury Duty 1

Kevin has been summoned to do jury duty, starting tomorrow. He hasn't been all that happy about the prospect - sitting for hours doing nothing and feet in shoes and socks are major problems.

Today we started organising him. I charged his mobile so he can ring me when he is dismissed or if he is called up. We will switch it off tomorrow. I found him a book to read while he is waiting (Tim Winton's The Turning) and I have set the alarm. He has to be there at 8.15am so we are estimating an hour to get there (30 minutes in non-peak hour traffic).

Then we took the notice down from the fridge and actually read all of it. We discovered that he could have been excused on the basis of age (65 to 70 years - just needed a statutory declaration to be completed and submitted). Too late now.

So off he goes tomorrow.

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