Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Offer accepted

Last night we made an offer of $200,000 on a two bedroom unit to house our son Martin. Today the vendor rang back to accept the offer, so tomorrow evening we kickstart the process by signing formal papers and giving him a $10,000 deposit. He has a tenant in the unit and so must give him 35 days notice to move out. We will arrange the finance as soon as possible in the hope that he finds alternative accommodation and Martin can shift in as soon as possible. We have decided to furnish the unit rather than have Martin use his roadside collections. I saw an advert for small kitchen appliances; toaster, cordless kettle and iron for $12. each so we bought one of each. Then later when I was in a cheapo store looking for plastic sauce bottles for my latest chilli sauce brew saw the same things for $9.99 each. Bugger!

This afternoon we had a session with our financial adviser who showed us the good returns made on investments for the financial year up until 30th June 2007....overall something like 16%. But the last three months have been horror months for the Australian investments. He believes that things are on the mend and December/January are traditionally better. Let's hope.

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