Thursday, December 27, 2007

Family Gathering

We usually only see other rellies at funerals lately, so today was a pleasant excursion.

It was prompted by the visit of cousin Anne (with husband Doug) from Canada for her sister Coral's 70th birthday. We met at Matilda Bay Reserve on the Nedlands foreshore, and the weather was very kind. Instead of the 40+ temperatures we have been having, it was in the low 30s and the sea breeze came in early. The reserve has heaps of mature shade trees and we were very comfortable.

Kevin is wary about family gatherings. While he enjoys them, he is not a "hugger and kisser" and there is always plenty of that when everyone first arrives. Some years ago, when I first got an embroidery machine, he asked me to make a T-shirt with the message "I'm happy to see you, but please no kisses". While I did my best, I was a beginner and it wasn't a successful exercise. He is still pushing for it.

Today wasn't too bad. Most of the females were happy to have cheek and air kisses, except for Aunty Vi. Aunty is 92 and the the sole survivor of the 6 siblings from the previous generation. She wants real kisses and she got them. Kevin hopes he didn't give her his cold.

There was at least one descendant, all of our generation, from each of the Lock siblings so it was very representative. Since most of the next generation were working, there were none of them present. A lot of grand children brag books were passed around, and our lack of contribution to that tally was probably noted with pity.

However, we did enjoy the afternoon and will not be reluctant to attend future gatherings. I did a family tree about 20 years ago. Maybe I should make the effort to update it.

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