Sunday, December 2, 2007

On Friday evening we went to Joan's sister's retirement show. Lots of people there; mostly teachers from the various school Dorothy has taught at. I did the Kev thing and took lots of snaps. I was able to use my birthday present from daughter Helen; a breathalyzer. I was under the limit. Mike, Dorothy's husband was out of hospital for the day and stayed over at home for the night. He is in Osborne Park Hospital which is a hospital for Parkinsons and dementia patients. Mike has been in there for a couple of weeks after having a fall and cracking two vertebrae and a wrist. His Parkinsons dyskinesis makes it very painful and he was transferred to Royal Perth Hospital for a nerve sheath injection.
He was taken to his specialist on Thursday where he was finally told that he had been assessed as a suitable candidate for the deep brain implant three months.

We are still looking for a two bedroom unit to house our son Martin. This afternoon we are going to Orelia to take a look at one priced at $205k which I guess means $200k. It is in a reasonable area with a large pool, BBQ area and full security. There are several blocks of units in Orelia at about the same price. Originally these blocks were State Housing flats, but were refurbished, walled off and sold to the public. Orelia is a suburb near the notorious Medina, but a much nicer area. We both taught at Kwinana High School in Medina in the sixties and blackboard jungle had nothing on that school. Orelia is approximately 25 minutes from Martin's workplace by car.

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