Thursday, December 13, 2007

Hair, visits and edger

We went for a walk around part of Bibra Lake this morning. The figs are not quite ripe and the rabbits are breeding like...well, rabbits.

Our friend John is going into respite care tomorrow for one week. His wife Joy needs a break. I went over to their place to give John a haircut...head, ears and eyebrows! I didn't venture into the nostrils. He looked pretty good after it was all done. He is at the moment, quite good about going into care for a week. Last time it was tried was a bit of a disaster. He broke out and went AWL eventually ending up in the city bruised and bleeding. It is hoped that this time his nocturnal wanderings and demon-chasing will not upset the management too much.

After lunch I visited a friend of 50 years, although I have only briefly met him twice in the last 30 years. He has Mesothelioma. I have been trepident (word supplied by Joan) about visiting him on his deathbed after so many years. When I arrived at his place I was pleasantly surprised to find that the chemotherapy he has been undertaking, seems to be working. He was bright and we had an update on the last thirty or so years. I told him that I was a bit frightened about visiting him in his final months and he told me that all his friends obviously feel the same. They no longer visit, but make phone calls to check up on him.

Thinking about all the money our son has/is costing us I decided to buy a lawn edger. I already have an electric edger which tries to cut the power cable and can only cut to a depth of 38mm...useless! For $199 I bought a four-stroke petrol powered edger made in the Peoples' Zingjang Ironworks. It is of course, a copy of a well known Australian brand at one third the price, but it is a beauty! Tomorrow I will be out doing all the edges I can find; might even do a bit of our neighbor's lawn.

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