Friday, January 25, 2008

Busy week

It has been a very busy week. Today we are to get possession of the unit we bought to house our son. The trailer will be loaded with as much gear as we can carry to start the shift.
Martin has a lot of junk that he as collected from roadside pickups and most of that will go to landfill. We have decided to furnish the place with new, or good, stuff in the hope it will inspire him and start a new life at 37 years of age.

We didn't realise how much basic stuff is needed to furnish a two bedroom unit. Furniture, fridge,washing machine, cutlery and crockery, pots and pans, linen, towels, cleaning gear and a week's food, not to mention a fan which is really necessary in the present heat wave. The unit is on the second floor so will be a test of our muscle getting the larger gear up there. Martin will shift in on Saturday or Sunday.

Another project I have been working on is setting up a computer for a six year old lad who lives in a unit with his mother. At first I took along a nice Mac, but he has a collection of PC games on disks and needs a PC to run them. So I had to get a PC and configure it for him. After a day of fiddling it is running well, but has a sound problem. Not good for a six year old gamer! More fiddling today and I should be able to deliver it tomorrow.

This lad has Aspergers Disease, which is not really a disease, but a form of Autism. He has a collection of model aircraft probably in the dozens. He knows the names and purpose of each plane. Rain Man?

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