Sunday, January 27, 2008

To lose a friend

I have previously mentioned our friend John who has Lewy Body dementia. Last night he was quite violent and his wife and his sister were afraid of him and the havoc he was creating. Joy called an ambulance and the police and he was taken to Sir Charles Gardiner Hospital dementia ward. I am unsure if the police were required and I understand they waited outside the house in case they were needed.

This man was an intelligent academic, well respected at the university he worked at and liked by family and friends. Until recent times he could still carry on a conversation and indeed answer questions within his field, biology. That ability has rapidly been lost.

The next emotional hurdle Joy will face is letting him be placed in secure accommodation. He has been in respite care for a week at a time and is very unhappy at being locked away. About a year ago he threw a chair through a glass window and made his escape. It will be very difficult to visit him.

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