Monday, January 28, 2008

It's almost over . .

Kevin took a load of Martin's stuff down to the unit this afternoon, including his bed. Apparently a whole heap of it is junk from GutterMart. We had hoped that he would be willing to chuck a lot of stuff out, but it seems not.

He is sleeping there tonight. Tomorrow the sofa bed may be moved with the help of Graham. There are 2 sofas, but there is only room for one in his living area. He has decided that the sofa bed will be more useful. We will offer the other for a minimal sum in Quokka.

We still have to find him a washing machine. Quokka again.

Now we just have to hope he pays some rent. I broached the subject of direct debit this evening. He was amenable, but in his present job he is paid in cash. I somehow doubt that the rent money will actually reach the bank account.

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