Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Washing machine for Martin

We decided that we would not try to buy a secondhand one. Even if it looks good you can't be sure that it will actually work. Instead we decided to give him ours and buy a new one for us. At least we know that ours works well, even if it is 10 years old. We delivered it yesterday.

Last night I did a bit of research on the net. Today we saw that The Good Guys had a special on washing machines, including the one I thought would suit us, so I set off to look at it. I have been doing a bit of comparison shopping for white goods lately, so I have developed a shopping loop.

This is the way it works. From our place travel north on Stock Road to South Street. Turn left and make a right turn to visit Fridge and Washer City. Back onto South Street (a left turn driving east), turn left at Stock Road and turn right at Garling Street to visit Harvey Norman and The Good Guys which are next to each other. Turn left back onto Stock Road and left again at South Street for Rick Harts. Another left turn onto South Street and continue east to Retravision.

The above paragraph will be totally meaningless to anyone who does not live South of the River in Perth, but it means that 5 different white goods retailers can be visited in a travel pattern that does not involve many right turns against the traffic.

I did not need to follow the loop today. At the first stop the machine I thought I wanted was on sale at a price that matched or bettered The Good Guys. Out with the credit card.

Kevin picked it up this afternoon. He has installed it and I have done a load of washing. No problems.

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