Saturday, January 26, 2008

Setting Up House continued

Martin was supposed to move most of his own stuff today with the help of a friend. Apparently that didn't happen, so the unit is still only partly furnished. Yesterday we only got in the basics - fridge, table and chairs and a small outdoor setting for the balcony.

We went down this morning to do a few little things. The vinyl in the kitchen and bathroom was torn in a few places so Kevin glued that down and it looks much better. It will need replacing fairly soon, but we'll see how it goes.

Kevin also scraped back some bubbled plaster next to the toilet door, only to find that the metal door frame itself had rusted. The rust is now scraped away and will be painted with Ranex to prevent further damage before repainting. That is a task for another trip.

He also did some painting in the main bedroom. For some reason (possibly he could see he was running out of paint and didn't want to buy any more) the previous owner painted around a large object, either a mirror or a painting, on the feature wall. So there it was, a large white square in the middle of a red wall. Pity we didn't take a photo.

Fortunately there was a bit of the paint left so we were able to match it. It was Dulux Heritage Egyptian Red which is a very nice shade. We had a room painted that colour in the Bicton house. A sample pot cost $6 and after two coats the white square is no longer visible and there is even some left for future touch ups.

What did I do while all this was happening? I organised the kitchen. Martin has a cupboard and a fridge full of food. His cutlery and crockery has been washed and put away. It's all ready.

Now he just needs to get his own stuff in there.

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