Thursday, January 17, 2008

Scotch (?) Thistle

A few weeks ago I mentioned finding a lot of Scotch Thistle in parkland near Bibra Lake. I rang the local environmental people at Cockburn City. The gal I talked to said she would get their blokes to have a look at it. Nothing has been done to eradicate this nasty weed, so I took a piece of the very prickly stuff along to show the environmental people at the council.

Nice bloke; decked out in environmental gear, khaki shorts, shirt, floppy hat and lackey-sided boots. He looked like the real thing.

He explained that it wasn't actually a Scotch Thistle, but a cousin of the ST. I asked whether any action had been taken to wipe it out and got the spin doctor answer about far more invasive species and eradication program priorities etc and after asking again he had to say 'no'.

I pointed out that the council is giving small land holders $3,000 grants to maintain their bush settings and clear weeds. No comment.

At the moment there are about thirty large healthy plants in an area of approximately 100metres X 50 metres. Most of them have already disgorged their airborne seeds and I would be surprised if the next crop of this very prickly invader cover twice this area.

I have just received an email from the John Fawcett Foundation in Bali. They cannot (don't want?) to help with transportation of computers for a school in the highlands of Bali. Bugger!

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