Thursday, January 3, 2008

Slow start to the day

My head is a bit rattly this morning. Yesterday we had visitors and they are staying over for a couple of days with their lovely kids. Sean is an ex student from the eighties at Rockingham Senior High and we have kept in touch over the years. Sean and Denise have sold their home in NSW and are having a caravan purpose built to their specifications to embark on a two- year odyssey around Australia. Denise is going to home-school the kids and Sean will get whatever work he can. He is an accountant as well as having teaching qualifications so should be able to pick up relief teaching jobs in country towns.

Today they are off to Adventure World just a short distance from here. Adventure World is a mini theme park with lots of water features: just the thing for a day that promises 40c temperatures.

Yesterday I rang the environment officer at the Cockburn Council to advise them of the Scotch Thistles we found at Bibra Lake. She said that she would get the 'guys' to look at them. We will check them out over the next week to see if anything is actually done about them. Might have to take a sprayer with a bit of Roundup down there myself if nothing is done.

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