Sunday, January 6, 2008

Holden Caulfield

I have been a bit tardy writing our blog entry. I could have told a Holden Caulfield and said that I have just had a brain tumor removed. I was thinking of Holden from ‘The Catcher in the Rye’ yesterday and thought that I must revisit it soon.

I googled Catcher in the Rye and got heaps of information and reviews. One of the reviewers was scathing, suggesting that it was a poorly written, unrepresentative piece of drivel. He sounded just like Holden in Catcher. Wikipedia has a good plot analysis, plenty of other information and an interesting list of names for the novel in other languages.

Don’t bother reading the book again, do what most students would have done and read someone else’s review.

J D Salinger wrote a few other short stories after Catcher, but they failed to match up to his only novel. He refuses many offers to make a film of Catcher and will not be interviewed

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