Monday, April 13, 2009

Booted for being gay

In our local giveaway newspaper there is a lead story about a gay bloke/guy who was accepted into a rented house as a housemate after he had disclosed that he was gay. I guess I could have (in an intoxicated moment) done the same. It turns out that the gay guy brought home a boy and did what they do. The tenant decide he didn't like that much and kicked the gay guy out. So now the gay guy is taking the bloke to court for discrimination against a person because of their sexual persuasion. I am guessing that there are some other factors involved here, which I shall leave to the imagination of the reader.

Here is our man with his new flatmate who doesn't discriminate against gays. Is this story a ploy to gain him some new friends?

The second story also relates to sex. A couple of very influential Catholic clergy, Cardinal Pell of NSW and Archbishop Hickey of Western Australia have backed the Pope in his knowledgeable wordliness suggesting that condoms are not the answer to Africa and indeed Papua New Guinea's AIDS epidemic. Bah, Humbug!

I must be joining the Grumpy Old Men when I get upset about sports reporters talking about courageous footballers. I thought courageous was a word reserved for firefighters, soldiers in battle and others who as part of their job faced real dangers.

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