Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tiger Moths

Early this morning I heard a loud noise which I knew was a bunch of aircraft doing a fly-past of ANZAC day services. I dashed out to take a look and realised that I didn't need to dash as they were Tiger Moth biplanes doing what looked like a sedate 60 mph...plenty of time to take a good look. There were six of them in formation and then two more trying desperately to catch up to the formation. 'Wait for us' they were yelling over the speaker tube.

Our local Magpies cruised in again this morning to get some grated Parmesan cheese. They love it and I reckon they will be spending the rest of the day looking for a cheese tree. They also love meat scraps as does the single large Raven that visits us. Yesterday I got a bit tired of hand feeding them and put the polystyrene meat tray with the scraps out on the lawn. Both the Raven and the maggies were most suspicious of this new thing. The maggies wouldn't go near it, but the Raven gingerly picked it up and tipped the meat scraps off the tray before wolfing them down. Smart bird!

I have mentioned this scam before, but it is worthwhile doing it again. This card was in yesterday's edition of the West Australian newspaper. It has been around in various forms in various media..newspapers, magazines and TV. I am sure many people will fall for this one as it is in a respectable publication. Printed on the top of the card in very small text is a disclaimer ...'This promotion is not connected with this publication', which virtually lets the West Australian off the hook.
The card has three scratchy panels and if you scratch and find three identical objects ,you win. I did and every other Western Australian who scratched also won. Next step is to SMS the winner code and pay $10. every six days for their content service which is advertising and jokes sent to your phone. If you don't unsubscribe they will continue automatically billing you at $10 each 6 days. Oh, and you don't actually win the MercedesSLK.

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