Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Cyclopedia of Western Australia

I have borrowed ‘The Cyclopedia of Western Australia’ published in 1912 from a friend. It is a wonderful 776 pages full of facts and figures about everything Western Australian. As ex teachers we were very interested to read up on Education in 1911.

A few figures:

The population of the state in 1911 was 277,928 persons.

There were 495 schools staffed by 1095 teachers.

There was only one secondary school…Modern School in Subiaco,which is still in operation. When it was established it was a selective school for the State's brightest. Many famous Australians were students there including a Prime Minister (Bob Hawke the "Silver Bodgie"). In the 1960s it became a regular High School, catering to its local school population. In the last couple of years it has once again reverted to being a selective school.

Modern School in 1911

There were no universities, but UWA was in the planning stages.

Staffing in remote areas was done by a Government grant of seven pounds per teacher per year and settlers were obliged to make up the rest to a total of sixty pounds annual salary.

An interesting subsidy for pupils outside the three mile radius from the school is shown here…
Interestingly…there were 8,000 telephones served by 40 exchanges.

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Anonymous said...

Gee, I've been keen to buy a WA Cyclopedea for years. Does your friend want to sell? Paul.