Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sculpture Walk 2009

Early this morning we went to Piney Lakes to catch the last day of the Sculpture Walk 2009. Piney Lakes is a beautiful area with nice paths around the lake and ponds. The sculptures were great. We took photos of all of them but here are my three favourites. In descending order the first one is Artificial Limb; the second is percussion water lilies (my name for this wonderful sound piece) and the third one is a Redback in a tree.

This Easter weekend I placed another two computers with university students. I am running out of monitors, so this evening drove to Mosman Park where the residents are getting rid of their junk in a verge collection starting tomorrow. These collections are usually called 'bring out your dead'. In the short time I cruised the Mosman Park streets I saw dozens of monitors (CRT monitors are definitely out these days) but alas I found only one that didn't have the video cord cut off. Some scroat has gone around salvaging what must now be 2c worth of copper wire and making the monitors useless for recycling for blokes like me. I guess I am the only person who is out looking for a CRT monitor...every with-it computer user has a flatscreen monitor now.

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