Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I have a couple of passionfruit plants in large pots; one along a fence and the other climbing up a brick wall. The experts say that you cannot successfully grow passionfruit in pots, but as I have no bare soil where they get sun, they are in pots. Both vines are going great guns. They get plenty of water and feed, but only one of them is setting fruit. The fruiting vine produces lots of flowers with plenty of pollen. The other vine produces flowers, but no pollen?? I have trawled the net and a few other people are having the same problem, but nobody has come up with a solution. The usual answer is 'Rip them out and start again'. We have decided to let the non producer continue doing a good job of covering a fibro cement fence.

I heard of a good non-messy mulch for plant pots...champagne corks. We used to collect them for the Girl Guides fund raising efforts, but now most wine bottles are screw tops. The corks look good and we know that we are helping the Australian wine industry.

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Anonymous said...

Love the corks - what a genius use for them