Thursday, April 23, 2009

The shame of it all

The U.S. bosses of the world-wide Hell's Angels motor cycle gang have taken the cane to the Australian chapter. The word is that they must toughen up and stop acting like a mob of wimps. Every time they see the opposition Comancheros they have been ordered to take a few potshots at them. The Aussies have even been banned from the soon to be held World Run. Can't have their bad boy reputation going soft.

As with the Mafia in the 30s, the cops would do well to just let them at each other to thin them out a bit. The police could establish a special fomentation unit using Facebook to do schoolboy/schoolgirl type bullying of each side to get the ball rolling. These police officers would have special teenage advisors to help with framing appropriate language and nastiness. I can see it now; 'You Comancheros should be riding postie Hondas' or ' Hells Angels have wimpy beards'. You can see that I am too nice to be really good at this sort of thing. I should go back to teaching at a private girls' school to hone up my Facebook skills.

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