Friday, April 3, 2009

Mulloway and smashed potatoes

Joan cooked a wonderful meal tonight. Smashed Potatoes and Mulloway. When I heard that she was cooking Mulloway I was a little skeptical. Mulloway is a large estuarine fish that anglers are happy to hook, but probably dig in under their rose bushes rather than eating.

The recipe goes like this.......Boil the spuds in their jackets, give them a bit of a smack to break them open then pop them in the oven at about 180c with a smear of butter, herbs and sea salt until they start to crisp up.
Fry the fish in a shallow olive oil and butter mix and serve the lot with a green salad. Yum!

I gave away a couple of computers today to people who are probably not at the bottom of the economic heap. I try to help needy people, but often the needy do not express their thanks and although it is my aim to help people, everyone needs satisfaction for what they are doing; especially if it is as a gift which involves time, effort and money.

I rang Graham, our friend from Sydney who stayed with us over a week recently. He is the quintessential wordsmith and it is only because he downgraded our accommodation rating to four stars ( due to a lack of bananas for breakfast and the lack of a hand-basin sink plug) that I have started looking seriously at his spelling in his emails to us. I did tell him that this is a little payback. I found two typos in his last two emails. Ha!

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