Friday, April 17, 2009

Nigerian scams

A couple of days ago there was a newspaper story about three people who were taken in by Nigerian scammers. Surprisingly an elderly fellow who lives in Busselton allowed the West Australian newspaper to tell his story along with a large photo of himself. He even got on TV the following night. I’d ‘lie doggo’ if I got conned by a Nigerian scam. He must be a laughing stock in his home town.

Admittedly this was a complex and I guess somewhat believable, scenario involving a U.S. military officer who claimed to have two cases of Saddam Hussein’s cash totalling $50m of which our hapless sucker was to get half for facilitating the illegal importation of 50 huges ones.

That should have rung some warning bells. I reckon just about everyone with an email address in Australia has had a similar email and trashed it as ‘dodgy’. Not this bloke.
And what was his trade?…a financial advisor.

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Robert@PNG said...


The gullibility of some folks!!

I bet you he must have been a very senior financial advisor!!