Thursday, April 30, 2009

Kosher Pork

It seems that the Swine Flu has even hit Israel with one of its citizens contracting the disease. I guess many religious Jews will say 'serves him right'! The government of Israel has however renamed the Flu as Mexican Flu. It is possible to buy pork in Israel and it apparently is easy to find in Russian neighborhoods. It seems that Russian Jews ate pork?

Talking about Pork, I cooked sweet and sour pork last night....delicious! I always thought of S&S pork as an Australian pseudo-Chinese dish. Not so. See here.

Yesterday I spent the morning at an IT auction trying to win an A3 HQ printer. I did win it with a bid of $20. Unfortunately when I got it home and turned it on I found that one of the ink cartridges was missing. I got onto eBay and ordered a replacement cartridge at a nice price from the U.S. In about a week I will find out if I bought a good printer or not. I am not good at auctions. I have a case of itchy face when the bidding climbs and have to look away regularly to scratch my face or scalp. I'd hate to be caught bidding on a $1,000 item.

This morning a friend and I visited our Std 6 teacher who has just recently turned 100. Bronwyn is still very bright and waiting for her congratulatory letter from the Queen. She still remembers us in her class 57 years ago and also remembers other members of our families. Mind you, she hasn't indulged in partaking of alcohol or smoking and other sins in her 100 years. It was a nice visit. I got up early and made some cheese straws which were enjoyed by us and passing carers at her nursing home.

Kev, Bronnie and Jack

A few days ago there was a pirates' attack on an Italian cruise liner. The attack was thwarted by an Israeli security company on board the liner. On a commercial TV station that night the teaser for the news program trumpeted "Aussies Fight Off Pirates'. Dear dear me!! It seems that a couple of Australians threw plastic chairs and a plastic table over the side of the ship towards the pirates. That must have really scared them!

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Anonymous said...

Miss Owen had a mention for her hundredth in the Bicton School newsletter this week. I hope someone told the folk at Government house. I remember her when I was a five year old in Bubs. Paul.