Friday, June 26, 2009

Bali Day 4

Yesterday when we were in Kuta we tried to escape the hard sell on the streets by jumping into the main department store Matahari. Just inside the entrance some enterprising bloke(s) had set up some low plastic tanks with surrounding seat for tourists to pay RP 100,000 (A$12.50) to dangle their legs in the water and have small fish (Gambusia) nibble at loose skin and hair. There was a waiting line for 20 minutes of what we used to do in our fish pond back home. I didn’t read the spiel, but it probably trumpeted health benefits.

We didn’t feel much like a major Indonesian meal last night so ventured out to a beachside restaurant and ordered a club sandwich. The only saving grace to this meal was the complimentary tomato soup….we couldn’t finish eating the sandwich.

We were about to take a walk along the beach and fend off sellers of all kinds of stuff and massage, pedicure and manicure ladies waiting like birds of prey along the route. The alternative is to walk inland a bit along a roadway with dozens of car drivers trying to take you somewhere either now, tomorrow or the rest of the holiday. The footpaths are much better than when we were here last, but there are still unexpected gaps and drops.

Many years ago our son fell into an open sewer hole, just managing to save himself by extending his elbows. As I desperately extricated him from a very smelly landing a bloke selling silver jewellery was tugging at my sleeve, suggesting I buy from him. I didn’t!

We decided to go to Hardy's by cab to buy some shampoo and beer. Waiting outside was Wally, the guy we had booked yesterday, but who didn't turn up. His friends told us that his car was broken down etc etc. When we told Wally that his mates had given us a load of BS he just laughed inferring that he would have done the same to them. I could see that situation turning a bit nasty in Australia!

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Maybe next time you should head for Vietnam?