Friday, June 19, 2009

Nursing homes

We have my sister staying with us for a week. She is ostensibly here for our brother's 60th birthday party this Saturday, but also is on a major shopping mission. Having a sibling as a house guest is, I think, not as easy as having a friend stay.

This morning I was searching through our pantry for some coffee beans. I know Joan had bought some recently... eventually I found them down next to the packets of different sugars and coffee bottles. Obvious?? Well, not for me! I suggested that Joan make a mud map of the pantry for me in case she goes before me. 'Go look for it' she offered. Both of us hope that we will spend the rest of our lives looking for things in our own house rather than ending up in a nursing home.

Our friend John is in a nursing home and visiting him is often sad. Joy, his wife, visits every second day and I feel a little guilty that I only visit occasionally to give him a haircut. John is losing weight, but otherwise is quite healthy and looks like he is going to be around for some time yet. I have a theory that once dementia sets in, people usually live longer. They seem to have fewer worries. In John's case this theory doesn't hold up. He is often worried about things and these worries are the major subject of the conversations we have.

We are off to Bali early Tuesday morning. Brother Graham is taking us to the Perth International Airport and then heading off to work. Daughter Helen can collect us when we return to Perth. On Monday morning I will drop of sister Shirley at the domestic airport for her flight back to Esperance.

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Anonymous said...

Keep your seat belts done up in the plane. We'll be thinking of you. Paul.