Monday, June 29, 2009

Last full day in Bali

This is our last full day before we return to Perth tomorrow. We have had a good time, but it is time to eat some regular Aussie food.
Though the omelettes at brekky are really good

This morning I found Wally outside the hotel and confirmed our booking for 9am tomorrow to get us to Denpassar airport. Wal reckoned we could leave later, but his old van could break down and we want to be in the Garuda Executive lounge with plenty of time to spare and no stress.

I used the hotel WiFi to download Skype, set it up and we deposited A$16.00 into our account so that we could use SkypeOut which allows calls to landlines. We called daughter Helen in Aus. And talked for at least five minutes for a grand total of $0.25. The reception was great and Helen decided to download Skype so that she can talk to us for free on the computer…must save every 25c we can in these times.

Last night we walked up to a small restaurant and had a cheap and reasonable meal. I had beef Rendang which was a bit disappointing. The beef was from an old pensioned off water buffalo and the accompanying vegetables were steamed. Most of the other vegetables we have had have been either crispy fresh or pickled.

Joan had Lumpia which although tasty was deep fried to a crisp. Mostly the food has been excellent. No rabid dog or monkey, Paul.

The owner of the restaurant, Kalamantan, is a Yank who has owned the place for the last 20 years. It is reminiscent of Ricks Gin Joint and the regulars were right out of Casablanca. Its reputation draws oddball characters, which isn’t all that bad.

This morning after breakfast I took a few snaps of the things that are very familiar to us, but probably not so to people who have not been here before. Are there any Australians who have not been here before??? I shot the gamelan players who play the repetitious trance inducing sounds of Indonesia, a rest house in the gardens and some outrigger canoes. Sorry no audio for the Gamelans.

On previous visits to Bali we have stayed at the Grya Santrian Hotel, also on the Sanur beachfront. This hotel, the Segara Village Hotel (free plug here) is a far more friendly place with much better free facilities for the guests. There is a tennis court, two pools, the Jacuzzi bar which is sort of a pool, table tennis, chess and billiards. Also there are lots of quiet places to sit or sleep in the breeze.

We have noticed that when we greet other guests the ones who respond with any enthusiasm. are mostly Australians or Americans. The Europeans, who seem to be mostly German, are a bit reserved and usually gather together on their world-dominating table.

That’s a bit harsh Kev.

Update: Joan and I had both had a long foot massage for $5 plus a small tip. Not too bad at all!
After the massage I had a haircut at a nice salon on the beach for an extortionate fee of just under $5. Which included the eyebrows, ears and a hair wash. She promised to make me handsome…the cut is OK but the promise unfulfilled.

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Do people with short feet get a cheaper rate?