Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bali Hai

Well, we are in Bali and settling into our hotel room. The flight up with Garuda was in a Boeing 737-800 and I was happy to be flying in an aircraft made by Boeing. They’ve been in the business for a very long time and Airbus have had a few rough flights of late…one so rough that the plane seemingly fell apart.

It was a pretty smooth flight even though the skipper told us that there was a westerly cross-wind of around 100 mph. There were a few interlopers trying use the toilet in business and the cabin crew soon told them where they should go….up the back of the plane! The cheek of them!

We cruised through customs in no time and secured a taxi from a company in the airport. A couple of hangers-on grabbed our bags and walked with us to the parked cab about a hundred meters away. They demanded a $6 tip to share, but Joan gave them a $2 gold coin each. It was still money for jam!

We were too early to check in to our room so we had a drink and a meal. The meal was very nice ….Cap Chay; a rice, prawn and chicken dish with crispy vegetables and a delicious sauce. RP 50,000 each which is about A$6.00.

The hotel, The Segara Village Hotel in Sanur is very nice with three large pools. There are notices up saying that lounges near the pools should not be held by absent swimmers by placing personal items on them. All the lounges had stuff on them and only 6 or 8 people were either swimming or sunbaking.


fremantlebiz said...

Phew! You made it. Cold and raining here.

Kev said...

Denpasar temps at the moment range from 24c-30c. Those with better bodies than ours spend the warmer hours in the pools. We just walk slower.