Friday, June 5, 2009

Segara Village Hotel, Bali

We are all booked for our Bali trip on 23rd June. That is just two days after brother Graham's 60th Birthday party. Hope the head has cleared up by departure time.

We are staying at a fairly up-market hotel on the beach at Sanur. It has free wi-fi and lots of other services. We hope that it is not the high season for European visitors known internationally as Towel Placers, due to their habit of reserving a deck chair at the pool(s) by placing a towel on it for the whole day even if they have gone shopping etc. That doesn't really worry us as we don't have the bodies to show off around the pool.....not that that worries Dutch and German oldies.

The news about an Air France plane crashing is not good news when we will be flying on the same aircraft operated by SE Asia's own dodgy airline. We are flying Business Class so that should make us a bit safer than those in Cattle Class...shouldn't it??

This weekend there is an IT disposal throughout the metro area of Perth and Fremantle. It is sponsored by Apple Computer and not restricted to Apple products. I have quite a few monitors, printers, scanners etc to go. Recently I was given a couple of Apple 20" CRT monitors and they are huge and heavy! This morning I was offered a few more 24" monitors and had to decline as they are very hard to place. Not only hard to place, but hard to carry!

A friend Joy called asking for advice about finding lost data on her computer. She is writing a sort of Bio and after typing up the latest chapter, pressed a key and all is gone. I visited this morning and looked in all the regular places without luck. I have download a demo version of Data Rescue and will return to see what it can find. The Demo gives you one shot at finding a file.


Anonymous said...

You could use that monster computer as a mould for making a pizza oven. I saw one of the new LED TVs at Myer yesterday, much thinner than a plasma or LCD. It was only about an inch thick. I suppose Apple will roll 'em out soon.

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