Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Lockie the loser

After attending the Alternative Energy show recently we waited patiently for a rep. from the solar energy company to come visit and sign us up for some solar panels before the federal government's cutoff date for the solar energy subsidy which was to end on the 30th of June. Then yesterday news broke that the federal government did a bit of a panic about what that subsidy was costing the nation and suddenly gave it the chop with about two hours' notice yesterday. No free electricity for the Locks!

The state government has also dumped its water subsidy which gave cash back on purchases of water saving devices and wetting agents. This subsidy covered a range of items from 'wetta soil' to household items like water-saving shower heads to water tanks.....all gone!

Today on talk-back radio (ABC of course) a caller asked why the government still allows the sale of water guzzling washing machines and dishwashers when there are machines on sale which do use water wisely. I guess that argument could also be used about gas guzzling vehicles?


fremantlebiz said...

Bad luck about that, but the Rudd government had to find the money somewhere to give to the elite schools.

Jenny said...

But you do know that the free electricity and water gizmos weren't going to actually be free anyway - some poor sod of a taxpayer would be shelling up.
Now if only OUR govt. (the USA) would uderstand that there IS such a thing as the government passing out too many goodies.