Saturday, June 27, 2009

Bali day four continued

Wally gave us a good price so we made our trip to Hardy’s with him. He waited while we visited a few other places, including an internet café where we uploaded the blog. Then to Hardy’s for beer and nibbles. We also bought some fruit and milk – we both dislike the powdered coffee creamer. Back with a box of groceries – no eyebrows raised as we breezed in past Reception.

We decided to eat in the hotel restaurant. Very nice: Kare Ayam and Ikan Sambal (chicken curry and spiced fish and coconut). Came back to our room, replete. Then a drama ensued.

The room key wouldn’t work, just turned round and round in the lock. Off to Reception. Security guy comes with a master key and suggests we had made some error. He tries the master key – same result. The lock is cactus. We had also barred the door to the balcony (we are upstairs). However he proved to be resourceful. There was an empty room two doors along. He opened it with the master, then clambered over the ledges and balconies between rooms, past an occupied room, to get to our balcony. After a fair bit of pushing and banging, he gained entry and opened the door from the inside. We wonder if the people next door (who we think are Russian) phoned Reception about a break-in or just decided it was wise to take no notice.

So now we can get out, but not in. We were offered the empty room, but thought it was too much of a hassle to gather everything up and move. Tomorrow we will take it in turns to have breakfast. They have promised the maintenance men will be here by 8.30am. Wally is taking us to the Bird Park tomorrow at 9. Maybe he will have to wait for us this time.


Anonymous said...

With a name like yours you should not be surprised. I told you Bali is magic. We are just loving your adventures!!!!
Marg & Had.

fremantlebiz said...

I just watched an old movie on TV called Hotel. I reckon a good movie could be made from your adventures. Paul. :)